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Volunteers needed for Thea bowman Center

The Thea Bowman Women's Center is a day program that provides a safe and secure place for women marginalized by poverty, homelessness, addiction, trauma and commercial sex work.  It seeks to be a supportive healing presence, offering a place where women can experience a sense of community, acceptance and belonging while being empowered to work toward their goals at their own pace.

The program can accommodate 10-12 women at a time.   The mornings (10-12:30) are drop in, offering breakfast, lunch, showers, laundry, computer and phone access.  In the afternoons (12:30-2) there are opportunities for enrichment, recreation, wellness education and spiritual reflection in areas developed by staff and guests.  These groups are lead by staff, volunteers and/or the women of the Center.

We are constantly in need of more volunteers. Click here to sign up.

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