The Community Center at Visitation is a 501c3 nonprofit that offers learning opportunities for all ages. We want to inspire and provide the tools for individuals to learn news skills and to become better professionals, family and community members. In doing so, we believe that we will share a sense of belonging to a Community we all respect, deserve and love.




2646 Kensington Ave 
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Phone: 215-426-9422

Days: M-F

Hours: 8am-9pm

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Literacy Class

Our free Literacy class offer learners at any level multi-modal opportunities to practice key phonetic and decoding skills. Respect, community  and a growth mindset are the core values of our classes. 

Literacy class is open to speakers of any language who want to start on the very basics of reading, writing and using the English language. Please note, this is not an "English" class because we're focusing on the phonetic and decoding skills rather than vocabulary building. The class will focus on building upon confidence and emergent reading skills towards identifying and decoding commonly used words and increasing fluency.

Meet our Coordinator



Meet our Coordinator


Heather Hillas

Experience gained as an educator and volunteer inspire my commitment to programs that champion the collective strength of community, dignity, learning. As a teacher, I strive to foster a culture of safety, question asking, risk taking, mistake making, and growth through vulnerable and valued interaction. Work with learners in schools and community programs across four continents, humbles and drives me to be a resourceful educator, advocate, and partner. I am dedicated to my continued growth as an educator as I feel this is the best way to empower, encourage and participate in the growth of our city.


I earned my Masters of Science in Elementary Education from Saint Joseph’s University, and Bachelors of Social Work with Minors in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Temple University.